Vicki Tarrant at Yoga Yoga East has been keeping me steady and strong for the past 7 years and I will follow wherever she goes! Her attention to form and biomechanics keeps me safe and injury free; her humour keeps me smiling even through the toughest poses; and her gentle touch of spirituality and meditation throughout the practice keeps me steady and grounded.
— Shivaune Wright, ND
I love this studio—Vicki Tarrant is an amazing and very experienced teacher! Hope you can take advantage of their brilliant offers. She is Iyengar and Anusara yoga trained and has her own twist on it all! 5 stars!
— Hilary Bowring, Author - Find Your Soul
“So far I’ve made it to a few classes and they have been nothing short of magnificent!! I began my practice about 15 years ago and have attended hundereds of classes. I have been blessed to meet many wonderful teachers, and now Vicki is one of them too.”
— Susana Molinolo
“I’ve tried lots of different kinds of yoga – Bikram, hatha, what-have-you – but Vicki is the best teacher I’ve ever had. She explains things really clearly not just about the anatomical aspects of practice, but the spiritual side as well. Her classes are fun, friendly and perfectly pitched.”
— Leslie Felperin, Critic - The Hollywood Reporter

”Vicki’s classes offer a daily teaspoon of philosophy, along with a healthy dose of physical strengthening and toning. I leave her classes feeling grounded, accomplished and so much stronger. I am so glad that we met!”
— Julie V. working mom