photo credit - Duncan Scott

photo credit - Duncan Scott



Hatha Yoga Teacher

Vicki is a yoga teacher based in Toronto. Her approach to teaching yoga is contemporary, inter-disciplinary, trauma informed and innovative. Her style of teaching is in constant evolution reflecting her personal investigation into yoga, current and past teachers, and the zeitgeist we live in.

She weaves themes and insight from years of personal practice and a deep curiosity about life placing an emphasis on the therapeutic and holistic value of yoga for our body, mind and lives. Her approach combines mindful alignment with somatic sensitive instruction, inviting students to cultivate a inquisitive approach to their yoga practice, exploring and mapping their own body mind experience using the tools of yoga, at their own pace.

 Vicki has been practicing yoga since 1994 and teaching since 2003. She was previously a licensed Anusara® yoga teacher (2004-2012 ) and is now independent of any particular school or lineage of yoga.

In December 2009, Vicki established Yoga Yoga East in Toronto’s east end, a thriving "nomadic" yoga  community which offers holistic hatha yoga classes to people from all walks of life.  Originally from Australia, she has traveled widely, living and working in 8 countries to date. She has also taught yoga in Australia, Tel Aviv, and Tucson. 

As well as teaching yoga, Vicki is a painter, with a Masters degree in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London, UK. Currently she studies Psychology at Ryerson University.