photo credit - Duncan Scott

photo credit - Duncan Scott

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Yoga TeacheR E-RYT®200

Vicki is a yoga teacher and evidence based lifestyle & wellness health coach based in Toronto. Her approach to teaching yoga is contemporary, innovative and inter-disciplinary.

Her style of teaching is in constant evolution reflecting her personal investigation into yoga, current and past teachers. Vicki weaves themes and insight from years of personal practice and a deep curiosity about life placing an emphasis on the therapeutic and holistic value of yoga for our body, mind and lives. Her approach combines mindful alignment with somatic sensitive instruction, inviting students to cultivate an inquisitive approach to their yoga practice, exploring and mapping their own body mind experience using the tools of yoga, at their own pace.

 Vicki has been practicing yoga since 1994 and teaching since 2003. She was previously a licensed Anusara® yoga teacher (2004-2012 ) and is now independent of any particular school or lineage of yoga.  Originally from Australia, she has traveled widely, living and working in 8 countries to date. She has also taught yoga in Australia, Tel Aviv, and Tucson. 

In December 2009, Vicki established Yoga Yoga East in Toronto’s east end, a thriving "nomadic" yoga  community offering holistic hatha yoga classes to people from all walks of life.

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I always loved the idea of yoga while simultaneously believing that I am not going to be good at it. I am not flexible, I look nothing like people on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine and I have a very active mind that hates being still. I bought books, DVDs and magazines and that's where it would end. Until one day I came across Vicki's yoga and signed up for the Foundations Class. I won't get into the long list of ways in which yoga practice has and continues to work its magic on me, but I do tell everybody I meet to give it a try when they're ready.

I'm a full time electrical design engineer with a bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Toronto. I believe pugs are the most beautiful dogs, and that mine is the most beautiful of them all. I love picking fruits and vegetables, although I haven't mastered the art of growing them yet. And I love yoga.

I help Vicki with the communications part of Yoga Yoga East. I love helping people and I'd love to hear from you.