Yoga is powerful.

It’s a healing practice that works on multiple systems of the body simultaneously. Yoga helps to remedy stress related problems, increase muscle tone, build strength, improve balance and flexibility, slow down memory loss, reduce blood pressure, relieve pain from arthritis, dramatically improve back pain, and boost overall health!

Scientific research supports yoga as a practice for well-being, finding it helps regulate hormones, reduces the need for diabetes medication, manage weight, reduce depression, improve PTSD symptoms, and improve emotion regulation.

Everybody can enjoy the benefits of yoga. Social benefits of practicing yoga together with others and being part of a community is recognized as being protective for our health. As well, yoga can provide us with a practical tool to help us become more compassionate for ourselves and humanity. A key goal of yoga is to help us feel more connected with others and the world around us. Yoga philosophy and practices offer us profound spiritual support by giving us a way to find purpose and meaning in our lives. Yoga is life!

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You. Thriving!

That is what matters to me. The concept of flourishing and living a meaningful life, nourishing our unique strengths and contributing to the happiness of our fellow humans is central to both yoga and positive psychology. (Seligman, 2002) For the past few decades, I have been studying, gathering tools, and acquiring skills in the art and science of how to help people of all abilities, from all walks of life, achieve their goals, recover and thrive.

My approach blends science evidence based research and traditional wisdom teachings from yoga and buddhism. I am a lifestyle & wellness health coach, registered yoga teacher, and registered recreation therapist.

It’s a privilege to teach yoga, it has been a tremendous healing support in my own life and I love sharing my passion for the light of yoga with people from all walks of life.

I want to learn about you. How can I help you thrive?

In all things, yoga



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